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My Favourite Horse Movies

My Favourite Horse Movies

Actually, I have three!

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of horsey films, I feel that they cater to an audience beyond those who have actually been involved with horses and, as such, they exaggerate or miss certain aspects. For example, my pet hate is when the horses are constantly nickering or neighing to convey emotion. Like, it just belies the subtle art of communicating with a horse!


I know, I get it, they have to please the masses to get some views, but it isn’t always pleasant to watch being a horse person.

I do have these exceptions and they are movies I could watch over and over again with no qualms…

Black Beauty


The most heartbreaking movie about the ups and downs of a horses life, narrated by the most beautiful protagonist. We see young black beauty enjoying all that life has to offer until he is sold and falls (literally) on to hard times. Not only was this a favourite of mine as a young naive child but its message resonates greater the more I navigate life. The message that yes, there will be the most unthinkable of trials to overcome, but staying strong will eventually set you back on the right track.

I don’t think that saddle is Kosher though

This movie also portrays the absolute goodness of the horse’s heart and their incredible resilience. Respect your horses and have empathy. I cry, every time.

The Silver Brumby


Another oldie but a classic Australian goodie! This one takes me back to my Grandparents farmhouse and both of them were absolutely sobbing as he jumped off the cliff. I was slightly immune as I’d watched it about 135 times previously. The scenery is great, the actor (a young Russell Crowe in his prime) is also great. I was enchanted by freedom of the gorgeous Thowra.


What’s not to love?!



Last but not least is Seabiscuit, I love this for the underdog story of one of the greatest racehorses and partnerships in history. What can’t you achieve with a bit of perseverance? I also love this as I first watched it at the movies with my grandpa who was heavily involved in racing, he’s no longer with us so I guess I cherish these kinds of things dearly.

I’d love to hear what movies you guys love, any suggestions for less corny equine related movies?

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