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What’s in my grooming box ~ part 1

What’s in my grooming box ~ part 1

I have soo much stuff, so much, but what equestrian doesn’t? So I’ll do a couple of posts to cover everything from my stable tack box items, my float kit, first aid kit etc.

This is part one, covering what grooming and health pieces I have in my tack room.

What you see in this post is really the tip of the iceberg when it comes to grooming possessions, I don’t know why, but I have tubs full of excess things. I tell myself that I won’t have to buy any more when my current ones need replacing, but that’s a lie, I always buy more.

Why am I like this?

Here we go, I let the photos do the talking in this one…

The first lot are my every day groomers that I keep in the aisle, in drawers generously donated by a friend who was moving house. I find it so handy having everything in one place and dust free.

The next lot of stuff is my sprays, creams and more specialised grooming things, as well as my first aid/medicine cupboard. I picked the cupboard up from an Aldi sale and it’s been fab for the job!

So there you have it, my semi-organised grooming areas. Do you guys have a favourite product or brush you can’t live without? How do you organise your things?















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