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Why I Love Warmbloods

Why I Love Warmbloods

It’s gotta be a good warmblood!

Negro (Ferro x Variant). 2017 KWPN stallion of the year. Photo courtesy of Van Olst Horses

We have paddocks full of them – we buy and breed warmbloods because dressage is my passion. Warmbloods are specifically bred for the job and biomechanically can do the movements better than most breeds (generally speaking of course).
I love their brains (also generally speaking) and a good one will give their everything to do what you ask.

Furstineur DP. A Hanoverian mare (Furst Love x Belcam Graphic)

I have had other breeds over the years – I started my competition career showing riding ponies, before moving to eventing with thoroughbreds and a warmblood type TB took me to the sand. I also love the forward thinking brain of a thoroughbred and the sweet nature of the welshies. But the warmblood will have my heart for the foreseeable future.

Moonlight Park Foxtrot. The thoroughbred who introduced me to dressage and who shared my journey to FEI.

Sure, they’re not always super easy. But I love a challenge, dressage is a thinking game and having a horse working with you is the ultimate feeling for me. I currently have hanoverians, KWPN and holsteiner warmbloods but have had a lot of fun with baroque types too.

Do you have a favourite breed? If so, what is it and why?

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