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Winter rug review || My opinions on the past season

Winter rug review || My opinions on the past season

I don’t know about you but I feel like we’ve just had a perfect winter! Not too much rain or awfully windy days, it’s just been a bit cold.

I must admit, I love winter! There’s something refreshing about the cold air and being inside on miserable days (though, that’s not overly conducive to riding). Winter fashions are my favourite and winter horse fashions are even more fun! So as we say good bye to the icy days I’m going to retrospectively look at some of my ‘hots’, and ‘so nots’, and if any take your fancy and you are living in the southern hemisphere you may be able to nab one on sale! This is a completely unbiased, non-sponsored, honest review!

Cheval Sport Rugs

First of all is my Cheval Sport heavy turnout rug that I picked up in a clearance at the start of last year’s winter. It is a really classy rug with all of the bells and whistles of a high-end turnout. It has survived two winters without the hint of a rip and it’s kept its waterproof fantastically. My favourite aspects of this rug would have to be 1. the length of the drop (it’s long!), 2. The neck rug with its mane-sava technology and fleece collar, and 3. literally everything else! Check it out here and see for yourself! They normally retail for $320.

At the time of writing this, these rugs are 40% off using the code chevalsport50.

My other Cheval rug is the Heavy Winter Quilt, I picked it up at the same time as the turnout and I am just as happy with it. I cringe every time I put it on Fleur as it is such a pretty rug, and she is a poo seeking missile. But, it’s held up and washed really well, it is a bit awkward to wash as there’s a lot of material. The things I like about these rugs are, again, the neck features, and they are also quite lightweight but warm with the combined filling and polar fleece lining. You can find it here for $260.

As you can see, Fleur does a lot of floor work with her rugs.

Bucas Power Turnout (Light)

Next up is the Bucas power turnout. This is an absolutely stellar rug and the price tag is easily justifiable when you consider how much money you will be saving. It is packed with too many features and benefits to name them all, but my standouts are the aluminium coating which reflects body heat and the stay-dry, antibacterial lining that allows the horse to dry after a ride, and keep the skin healthy. At first I was really hesitant about putting this rug on in the colder temperatures as it is SO light and appears quite thin. But this rug is suitable for temperatures from -6 degrees to 16 and it’s true! Each time I’ve checked her, whether it’s been in the minus’ or teens she has felt perfectly and consistently warm (not hot).

I purchased my first one at the start of last season and it, uncharacteristically, had some thread issues, Bucas have a two-year warranty on their rugs so I contacted Ashbree (the saddlery I purchased it from) explaining the situation. They were beyond helpful and quickly sorted out a return and replacement at no cost to me. After a season of using this rug, it is still looking as good as the day I received it. I love the fact that it is so lightweight but keeps her perfectly toasty in a varying range of temperatures. There are many stockists around but I would highly recommend Ashbree Saddlery for their incredible customer service and range. They retail for $355 which is pretty good considering it will take you through Autumn, Winter and Spring. You can buy the heavy version for a heftier price, and if this was the only rug I was using I would do so, but I’ve found that through most of the weather this is spot on.

Moleskin Rug

This is used as a nice under rug. Moleskin rugs are a natural cotton that is thicker than your average summer cotton rug. I love these rugs as they provide warmth and softness, particularly on clipped horses skin, but are incredibly breathable. The one that I have has held its shape remarkably – I couldn’t tell you how old it is, but it just goes and goes. I purchased mine from the Rug Rack, they retail for about $90 for a quality rug, which is not too bad when you consider the generic cotton rugs that are getting around the superstores at the moment, plus they are a better fit and quality, and highly customisable!

What rugs am I not a fan of?

I may lose some friends here…. but Weatherbeeta. There, I said it, I’m sorry, but it’s true. I have used MANY Weatherbeetas over the years and they have consistently let me down. Whether that be in the quality of the fittings, the waterproofness or the integrity of the fabric. They.Just.Don’t.Last. They have marketed themselves very successfully and their pricing is just so that they are a little bit cheaper than higher end rugs. I found that each season or so I was replacing them and decided that actually, no, I wasn’t saving money at all. I do still have a few cottons that I picked up on sale, but I’m not overly happy with these either and when they go to heaven I will replace them with a Skye Park or similar.

Let me know what you think. Do you have any rug suggestions or favourites? Any that you haven’t been happy with?


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  • I have far too many rugs, I used to pride myself on having one of each now I have multiple of each and I am not sure how I have accumulated so many! I think one day I need to have a good clear out sell what I have and buy a set of good high end rugs that will last. I quite like the look of the premier equine rugs and know people who love them but personally never tried them.

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