Confessions of a sand princess



Welcome to my new blog! Here I will chronicle the trials and tribulations of my personal journey with horses.

I’m Caitlin, I received a pony for my 7th birthday and have been riding ever since (I’m now 24.. eek!). My [not so] illustrious riding career has seen me dabble in showing, show jumping, eventing, and more prominently – dressage. Shorty, my first dressage horse, was an OTTB who I took to FEI. Since then I have traveled the world with my sport and had many lovely horses, each of whom has taught me many important lessons in, and out of, the saddle.

My current squeeze is a Hanoverian mare born in 2012. I broke her in in 2016 and we have already had quite the journey, I am hoping she continues on the trajectory that she’s on (I think she’s pretty special).


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